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Kaks Bar and Podcast is one of the newest restaurants located in the beltline of downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Right underneath the Upten Condo Building and right beside the amazing Van Gogh art installation,1006 1st street SE. The founders Kass and Shawn have combined their love of the bar industry and podcasting by having their podcast studio inside the bar itself. Tune into their show weekly as they talk to local Calgarians about anything and everything!

Kaks Bar & Podcast.

Come for the beer. Stay for the conversation.

Podcast Studio Services

At KAKS, we offer tailored podcast recording services with straightforward pricing:

  1. Single Camera Angle: This option is charged at $1 per minute and is ideal for those who prefer a straightforward, unedited recording. For example, a 30-minute session costs $30, a 1-hour session is $60, and a 2-hour session is $120. We promptly share your video and audio files via Google Drive immediately after filming.

  2. Dual Camera Angles: For a dynamic viewing experience, we offer a two-camera setup. This requires editing to seamlessly switch between angles. The editing fee is $50 per hour of recorded content. For instance, editing a two-hour session would cost $100. The edited podcast will be delivered to you via Google Drive in video and audio formats within 3-5 business days.

Additional Perks:

  • Microphones: We provide up to four microphones to accommodate multiple speakers.
  • Refreshments: Guests can enjoy our selection of drinks while recording.
  • Content Ownership: Full ownership of the podcast content remains with you. KAKS respects your privacy and will not post any part of your podcast without your explicit permission.

Experience hassle-free podcast recording with KAKS, where quality meets convenience!

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